Stop Human Sacrifice to God of Fear

Every time there is a mass shooting and the ridiculous refrain of thoughts and prayers is rolled out, I find myself reciting my own rant against the Gungod people seem to worship. I’m rethinking that.

People aren’t worshipping guns. The God people are worshipping is Fear.

A person with courage does not need a gun to go about their day—but a person in fear does.

A person with courage does not stockpile guns to ward off enemies—but a person in fear does.

The God to whom people are enthralled is not the gun. The God who enthralls America is Fear.

No longer the home of the brave, America has become the home of the quaking in our boots. No longer the land of the free, we are enslaved to Fear that demands some to hoard guns. Then the fear grows as non-gunowners are murdered at alarming rates by gun owners.

The All-American God of Fear makes a massive demand for human sacrifice.

The All-American God of Fear requires the human blood sacrifice of an average of 96 dead people every day.

If a religion were practicing human sacrifice today, we would be shocked and we would stop it.

But, our government is requiring 96 human sacrifices each day on average. Why aren’t we shocked? Why don’t we stop it?

Politicians Fear losing NRA money—and the All-American God of Fear requires them to stop and pray worthless prayers , to stop and think thoughtless thoughts, upon each required human sacrifice.

The NRA and the politicians they own are a dealthcult worshipping the God of Fear.

If fear is their God—then make them fear your vote. Make them fear your voice. Make them fear your voter registration. Make them fear your helping a friend to vote. Make them fear you more than they fear the NRA. Those are the actions of love that dispel fear.

And then, when change has come at last, they can learn they don’t really have to be afraid at all.

And we can stop this insane slaughter.

And we can stop the rivers of blood in our ritual human sacrifice.

And we can discover that guns are a fraudulent, worthless power that can never erase Fear. Only loving action, real action, can dispel Fear. Only loving action is strong enough to stop this senseless human sacrifice.

Thank the real God for the surviving students from the February 2018 school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida who are demanding gun reform. They are not afraid. And we shouldn’t be, either.