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“With insight, clarity, and passion, Paul Greene counters 'truthiness' of ideas about God that sanction tyranny and oppression. Drawing on Christian, Buddhist, and Taoist sources he seeks to resurrect a vision of the God whose powerful love empowers human agency. It is a timely book."

Lois Malcolm, Professor of Systemtic Theology, Luther Seminary


“In one brilliant move– applying Stephen Colbert’s concept of ‘truthiness’ to theology– Paul Joseph Greene jumpstarts a whole new approach to God-talk. Greene fearlessly takes on the “bogus ‘facts’ about God” that serve an imperial worldview and counters them with a concept of  divine omnicaritas – the all-loving God of all…. Greene’s book should be recommended reading for the classroom, the church, and yes, the newsroom.”

Jeanyne B. Slettom, Publisher, Process Century Press


“This powerful book will speak to all people of good will who are spiritual seekers, but in a particularly pointed and poignant way  to Christians who are looking to shake off the shackles of concepts and teachings that not only no longer work, but work directly against the vision of a God that literally is love.”

Trish Sullivan Vanni, Acquisitions Editor, Twenty-Third Publications

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